Tinbo is back with his new game Tinbo Dash. Tinbo Dash is and infinity runner game with 3 really cool worlds for you to run through.

Tinbo's New Game Tinbo Dash and How To Play It

By Tinbo    Gepos op May 30, 2019

Remember our character Tinbo? Of course you do! He is the cutest little robo-box and has a game called Tinbo Through Time. Well, there's some exciting news as the Tinbo series is growing and he has another game called Tinbo Dash. Tinbo Dash is and infinity runner game with 3 really cool worlds for you to run through. With 3 worlds floating in the sky, you get to experience 3 different themes. A fun and colorful carnival run, a train station ready to take you on an adventure and a steampunk-inspired industrial city that will take you back to another time.

How To Play Tinbo Dash

As you've seen from Tinbo Through Time, controlling little tinbo is a lot easier than it sounds. There's no need to tap on multiple items to collect the golden coins, move from side to side and jump over all the obstacles. All you have to do is tap and hold on the side of the screen you want Tinbo to run towards and then tap near the center of the screen for Tinbo to jump.

When opening up Tinbo Dash you will see the play button and the speaker, select to either switch off or on the sound, but we all know everything is cooler with sound. Once you are ready to go on an adventure and run with Tinbo, click on the play button.  The game will then begin and you will be running through the first world, The carnival! Above little Tinbo floating in the sky are instructions on how to play. You can either play on mobile or PC. Playing Tinbo on mobile is just as easy as playing on the PC, all you have to do is use the arrows to go from side to side and use your spacebar to jump. 

Once the game has started and Tinbo starts to run you will be in the Carnival land. You need to collect as many gold coins as you can while jumping and running side to side avoiding the obstacles in the way. Along the way, you will see a U shaped magnet floating in the air, jump up to collect it. The magnet grabs all the gold coins around you and the ones that you run past without having to run into them to collect them. There are a few scattered along each level so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Another pickup you will see along the level is a bright blue gear, jump up to collect it. Once you have collected it the floor below you will turn into a rainbow runway where you will run super fast for a couple of seconds trying the collect the swerving trails of gold coins. After a few seconds, the floor will then go back to normal.  

To level up into a new world, you need to collect enough coins. You will see on the right-hand side of your screen your points going up from the distance you run and the coins you collect. The circle next to it will show how close or far you are from leveling up. The more coins you collect, the bigger that little coin grows until it fills up the whole circle. Only once the coin is big enough to fill the space, will you level up into the next world. Along the floating runway there are some barriers while in some spots there aren't any, make sure not to fall off or hit any of the obstacles because Tinbo will then go flying off into a scrapyard!

Be sure to keep following Tinbo and his series of games, we know he's now got a piece of your heart and you can't let go! This robo-box is on an adventure and nothing is stopping him from who knows another game? Maybe, we will see, only time will tell what this little guy has up his tin sleeve.

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