Tinbo is on a mission and wants to go on an adventure with you. Create your own little Tinbo character so that you can take him with you everywhere you go.

Tinbo On An Adventure

By Tinbo    Gepos op Aug 14, 2019

If you haven't already met the cutest little Robo-box out there, you're in luck because Tinbo is here to steal your heart! Tinbo loves to go on adventures and play games, as you can see he has a few games himself with more in the works. Tinbo is now on a mission and wants you to take him on an adventure. Wherever you go and wherever you are, Tinbo wants to be there. 

How can I get myself a Tinbo character you may ask, well, it's simple. All you have to do is download our PDF template of Tinbo, print it, cut him out and build him up. Then take him everywhere you go and take a snapshot of Tinbo in cool places and hashtag it #tinboadventures. Whether you take Tinbo to the beach, on a hike, on a trip around the world or just trying to climb into a big burger, we want to see it all. We know Tinbo is always up for an adventure, but are you ready to go on an adventure with him?

It is so easy to build the cute Robo-box that once you have 1, you want them all! 

Here are the 4 Easy Steps to go on an adventure with Tinbo:

  •  Step 1 - Download and print the PDF
  •  Step 2 - Cut out the Tinbo pieces
  •  Step 3 - Assemble the Pieces
  •  Step 4 - Go on an adventure with Tinbo
  •  Step 5 - Take a photo, share it and hashtag it with #Tinboadventures

Join us in the Tinbo craze and follow him on his adventures where you can win some awesome Tinbo hampers. So if you have nothing but love for the little Robo-box, build your little Tinbo and take him around the world capturing epic pictures. Be sure to head over to www.tinbo.co to check out all of Tinbo's games.

Want a full-on Tinbo collection? Let us know, we want you to tell us what adventure you think Tinbo should go on next.

Download the PDF below to build your Tinbo character.

Click Here to Download the Tinbo Doc

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